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Looking to spice up your shooting by adding artificial motion effects without a computer? Then read on to learn about the Spektremeffects motion filter!

Minolta SRT 102; Cinestill bwxx; hc110 (b)

The motion filter is essentially a uv (or protective?) filter with an extra outer layer stacked on. The outer layer covers half of the inner layer and bends light, creating the motion blur effect. It can be rotated like a polarizing filter, so you can change the direction.

The intensity of the effect is affected by focal length and f-stop (boom, there’s your example sentence in case you ever forget whether you should use ‘effect’ or ‘affect’). As shown below, it can range in intensity from a slight touch to complete dominance.

Minolta SRT 102; Cinestill bwxx; hc110 (b)
Minolta SRT 102; Cinestill bwxx; hc110 (b)

There is also an interesting effect that occurs when you shoot at night. Light trails appear, but the core image remains intact. I’m sure there is some science around why this happens and the word refraction is involved, but my dumb-ass would guess that it’s driven by the difference in intensity between the light sources and the subject.

Fujifilm X-Pro 2; Minolta Rokkor-x 50mm 1.4 PG; 1/250; f ?; ISO 6400

If you get the settings right, the result is amazing and you will have shots that belong in a manga or a lazer show. It’s a great way to get a motion effect in-camera without any actual motion.

Thanks for reading!

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