Location spotlight: under the overpass

Sick of looking at the open sky in your pictures, but still want to shoot outside? Then read on to learn about my favorite park n’ ride!

Mamiya 6 k2; Kodak Tmax 400 @ box speed; hc110 (b)

Hidden away in the sleepy town of Etna, lies the Route 28/Route 8 Interchange Park n’ Ride. This is a great, somewhat limited, location. It has one entrance off of North Main Street.

Stance boi warning: the entrance angle at the curb is a little steep. I’ve never scraped, but I’ve also never tried to enter/leave head on.

Mamiya 6 k2; Cinestill 50d @ box speed; c41

This location is great if you want to go bonkers with a wide angle lens. The best spot is toward the back of the lot. Many options for composition with the pillars and on/off-ramps from there. The sun also sets on that side, so you can catch some flare as it peeks through the pillars/ramps. There is a hill you can climb back there to get some downward shots. A lot of the hill is overgrown, but there are paths you can use.

Although a telephoto is possible, this place is a little tight for that. The bokeh you are looking for may be in another castle. It’s also not a great spot of you are looking to get some ‘deserted’ shots. The road and intersection next to the lot are pretty busy and rando cars will be in your shot if you point the camera in that direction.

Mamiya 6 k2; Cinestill 50d @ box speed; c41

Data sheet: Etna Park n’ Ride

  • Best time to shoot: evening on weekends to avoid the commuters
  • Best season to shoot: any
  • Multiple cars: yes
  • Traffic: yes, but will only affect the background
  • Space to move around and compose (1-10, 10 is the most space): 6
  • Bonus appeal: potential lens flare from overpass in evening, light trails at night from traffic

Thanks for reading!

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