Welcome to majicaryo, the maji-est car around… yo!

Well, here we go. After making long posts on poopstagram for a couple of years, the majicaryo blog is finally a thing.

First off, the name. マジカーよ or majicaryo (pronounced ma-ji-car-yo) is a play on the Japanese expression マジかよ?!(ma-ji-ka-yo), which generally translates to ‘are you serious?!’. マジカーよ!(ma-ji-car-yo) is a stupid dad joke (アメリカンジョーク) that would roughly translate to ‘serious car!’ and that will basically sum up the general philosophy of this blog. Serious car photography, with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor mixed in.

Minolta X-570; Cinestill bwxx @ box speed; hc110

We’ll cover a wide range of topics from getting into photography to developing film to scouting for locations. I shoot both film and digital, so both realms of photo taking will have their place here. Just like the long posts on insta, there will be an emphasis on learning, sharing knowledge, and trying new things.

Sony a900; Minolta 80-200 2.8 APO @ 80mm; 1/250; f2.8; ISO 200

Thanks for reading, I hope you’ll find this blog to be interesting and informative.

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